Drug dependence

Hello dear people, everyone who reads my short story. I don’t want and cannot exist like this with this terrible disease. For six years I have been taking the strongest pain-relieving drug morphine or opium by mouth, severe pain, withdrawal symptoms, fear of everything and constant thoughts of suicide, stress, depression and many other terrible inhuman behavior. The loss of my job, friends, family and human dignity forced me to see a doctor who did not promise me a bright future, and I really want to return my friends, love and give happiness to my beloved woman, give birth to a child with her and help with all my heart to people who need help.

As I am now. That is, to become again a person, and not an outcast necessary to society. All services in the narcological dispensary from droppers, cleaning, medicine, bed, food and a psychiatrist are three thousand euros for ten days, that is, three hundred euros per day. No desire torment people, because everyone suffers when one is sick with such an addiction.

A dream to bring warmth, joy, love and benefit, both to my family and to the society in which I still exist. I beg you to help, I ask on my knees, I will pray for you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your precious time to my prayer. God bless you and God forbid you to be in such trouble as the strongest drug addiction.

With respect and gratitude for your understanding. Pavels. Republic of Estonia. SEB BANK.

Account number: EE431010011776198225.

Автор записи: Pavels

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