Помогите с моей невестой, документами и болезнью

Помогите пожалуйста моей невесте, прошу. Трудно переводит текст. В оригинале оставлю. У нее анемия, и нет документов I want to ask you about help.

Мы, Эсфирь уже лучше. Анемия отступила

I can’t marry my fiancee for 6 years, because she has no documents, no money for living and women’s purposes. She has a great family. Two sisters, one brother. Her mama cleans houses and her father repairs cars.


She lives in Moissy-Cramayel (in France) at the social hotel. Police has thrown them out another social house and put her parents under control. My grandma is lethaly I’ll and my mother, while loosing her sight, must look after my grandma. I work now at gastro on a gas station in Germany (Stromberg).

Я вижу как ей плохо..

This moment I have no money for food and to visite my dear fiancee, to give her and her parents some money. I don’t even know how to solve this problem. I’ve been told that you can help me. At least a bit.

Thank you, for your attention. My email: ivangoncharovtoporov@gmail. Com My Ukrainian number: +380991852901 My Germany number: +4915236135107 My address:

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